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Thank you...Thank you...

Again, we wish to take this opportunity to thank all for the encouragement, understanding, and love that you have shown to us during the past  12   years.

To our many friends and family, your support of 
's Memorial Golf Tournament and
faithful participation...keeps us going...and going...

To our generous sponsors and donors... again to you ...a heartfelt 'thank you'
...Your kindness and bigheartedness are graciously appreciated.

2023 had a good number of golfers (88) and with an additional 20 diners, 
we reached a fantastic total of 
$6 240   

( 12 tournaments funds raised...exceed $90 055    

Please support those who make our tournament the success it is...

  Thank you...from the bottom of our hearts...
                                                                        Diane & John    

[ music composed & played by John-Micheal ]
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